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24 October 2005

Three Beautiful Darts

On Friday after work, Todd, Mark, Pam, and I all hit Tex Mex again for lots of cheap beer and darts. We played a bunch of games, but one was especially fun and I completely owned in it.

I forget what the game is called, but basically the first team to reach 301 points win. If you bust (go over 301), the number in excess of 301 is subtracted from that round's beginning score. However, the real kicker is that if you match the other team's score exactly, it takes them back to 0.

In our last game, we (Todd and I vs. Mark and Pam) were both around 250 when Pam matched our score and kicked us back to 0. Son of a!!! So now we're playing catch-up while they are trying to get exactly 301. A couple rounds pass and we're now at 183 and I'm up.

Dart 1: Single 18. Score is now 201.

Dart 2: Bullseye (50 points). Score is now 251.

Now, that was probably only the 2nd bullseye I hit all night. It's definitely luck because I'm not that good. But read on...

Dart 3: MO' FREAKIN BULLSEYE, SON!!!!!!!! And that makes us the da winners at 301.



At 8:22 PM, Blogger daveT said...

that almost beats my one darts story... drinking with friends at my place, they wanted to play some beer pong... i said throw 3 bulls and i'll set it up.. basically becauz i was feeling good, and didnt feel like cleaning off the table... the guy i challenged hit 2 double bulls and a single bull with 3 darts.... i had no response and then proceeded to get my butt kicked in pong too..

At 10:33 PM, Blogger k Man said...



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