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07 October 2005

Me Love Work For You Long Time.... Five Dollar.

Ok... sorry for the little sterotypical thing there... but it vaguely applies.

Despite having probably 12+ people leave my department in the last few weeks, there has not been a single new face come onboard... despite loads of work. So I was starting to wonder and starting asking some innocent questions... and got not-so-innocent answers.

I had heard that the plan was to outsource all of our work to China sometime in the next 10-15 years. Apparently, however, it's happening already. From talking to a team lead yesterday, I found out that the Beijing site is up and running and it is rumored (though I haven't substantiated it yet) that our studies are beginning to be sent there.

Honestly, it kinda bothers me. Despite a global presence, this is an American company... born and raised. I have no problem with opening sites and creating jobs across the world, but to cut American jobs simply because you can pay someone less to do the work overseas is pretty low in my book. The bottom line should not always be a curvy "S" with vertical lines through it.

So what do you guys think? Should a company (American or wherever YOUR home is) employ its own people by matter of principle or should the shrewd cost-saving business model prevail? Is there honor in providing jobs within the nation that produced you or does it go to the cheapest bidder? Birds of a feather or... um... some other bird reference.... every... uh... eaglet... for itself. (Ok forget that one.)

Your thoughts?


At 2:55 PM, Blogger Manchild said...

I'm afraid this is one of the main things I hate about globalisation, and one of the things that isn't going to change in the near term.

Job flight sucks. And it sucks that there is such a disparity in the world that jobs can fly across the border so easily.

That said, my company outsources to India. It saves us a TON of money to do this. For what it's worth though, the money we saved in the last few years has gone back into investment in the company, and we've begun bringing the jobs back to the home country. Because really, I hate job flight as a matter of principle.

It shouldn't always be about the bottom dollar. People should buy home-made products even if they are more expensive and not as good. That's common sense if you want your economy to thrive and prosper.

At 4:18 PM, Blogger Kate said...

I don't know specifically what you do or what your department does, but I know it's a pharma company. When you say "our studies are beginning to be sent [to China]," it makes me wonder about things besides money. Like human subjects research. I'm betting that the rules are more lax in China. No pesky FDA.

Not that I really know anything about the situation, but that was my first thought.

At 4:35 PM, Blogger k Man said...

Well, Kate, you're sorta right... my group handles all the data that is collected from all studies worldwide... so the actual job we do may involve FDA guidelines for domestic studies and/or other regulatory organizations in other countries.

So really, the rules end up the same (for us) no matter where our work is physically done.

At 6:18 PM, Blogger Stan said...

Kamin's right. The FDA rule apply to the data and acquisition of that data no matter where the data is gathered. And the reason for that is that the end product is sold in the US and therefore must meet certain standards.

The problem arises when other countries with more lax rules(like Canada) are able to sell their drugs directly to citizens of other countries without having to meet FDA standards. That's happening a lot right now and the potential harm to the patients isn't worth it in my opinion but the targets that these companies reach for are the poor and the old who just see it as the same product for a cheaper price. It's not necessarily the same. It COULD be just as safe, but the rules aren't as strict so knowing the industry, they probably aren't the same at all. Generics in our country, however, are required to meet the same requirements as the name brands. So even though their quality may not be the same as the name brands, it's required to be close. Not that you guys asked for any of that info.


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