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26 August 2005

Used Car Taxes SUCK!

I'm all about paying taxes because I understand that it's how society operates. But I am NOT cool on paying tax when you buy a used car (as I did this week). I am going to register the car tonight and it's gonna cost me about $1,500. That's gay.

The government has already received tax on this vehicle when it was purchased. It was bought here. Now, when it simply changes hands, they want their grubby fingers in the deal... hitting me up for 6% ($900) in tax on an already-taxed item.

What's even MORE annoying happened a few years ago. My car was in my dad's name (for insurance reasons) and I got my own insurance policy. So we needed to transfer the car into my name so I could put it under my insurance. But the state wouldn't just let us do that... nooooo. I had to "buy" my own car from my own dad at "fair market price" and then pay the friggin government 6% in tax. Basically, I paid almost $500 for them to switch the name on the title.

If I didn't have this little thing called conscience, I would tell them that I bought the car for a few thousand less than I really did and save a few hundred bucks in taxes. But I won't... I'll just bend over and TAKE IT UP THE TAILPIPE!!

You've been here before, haven't you?


At 7:16 AM, Blogger Stan said...

That is one of the reasons, I try not to change cars too often. Even if you sell/trade your car for $5000 and buy a car for $5000, you still pay taxes and tags. Essentially, you end upo getting less and less car for your money until you can't afford a new one. You'd be surprised how much of your current loan is taxes/tags from the few cars you bought prior to the one you own now. It sucks big time. I think the system is flawed.


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