The Seventh McNugget

We all can't be one of the Six.

04 August 2005


Today at the urinal, with nothing much better to do, I noticed my reflection in the shiny chrome urinal plumbing. The particular curvature of the chrome make the top 1/2 of my chest look wide and the bottom 1/2 look narrow... and it sorta rounded from top to bottom.

In other words, I had boobs!!!! Woohoo!!! And these were GOOD boobs too. I was mighty impressed with my rack. Add to the mix that I have a pink shirt on today, and MAN!! I feel like a woman!! Do do do-do do do-do!!!!

It was very hott.

So, if anyone is single and in desperete need of some boob... even if it's fake... I just hooked you up.


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