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17 August 2005

The Smoke Is Clearing...

THIS whole London tube shooting is looking more and more like an innocent guy got off'd for nothing at all...

Scary. and sad. and wrong.

Lord Stevens, ex-commissioner for the London police:

"My heart goes out to the officer who killed the man in Stockwell Tube station....How horrifying, how terrifying...and, yes, despite the way events unfolded, how brave."

Um. Did I just read that right?

I dunno. Maybe the guy really did walk out of a terrorism house... but why would the police wait until he was in a crowded subway before they acted? According to this report, he did not jump a turnstile, run, or wear a bulky coat. Who knows... we'll probably never get the straight truth.


At 11:18 AM, Blogger Manchild said...

I'm pretty damn proud of the UK's media for being able to spit out the official story, wipe off their lips, and go after the fuckers who were covering it up. They didn't let the story die, and finally someone had the guts to leak the relevant documents.

Something your so-called liberal media can't ever seem to do properly.

At 11:23 AM, Blogger The K Man said...

Just the fact that they shot the guy.. what? 7 times in the head? That seems to indicate an overly-panicky out-of-control response by someone who should be trained to remain in control in those situations.

At 11:37 AM, Blogger Manchild said...

Here's two stories which go into it in more detail.

Remember when the British police shot the Brazilian guy on the Tube?
We were all shocked by it, but let's face it, most of us ascribed blame to the victim. He shouldn't have run, especially after the bombings and the fact that he had dark skin, etc...
We believed the official story and said it was at most a tragedy.
Most of us never even looked back at the story after that.
And even the few that did, did not ascribe any sinister goings on when they released a statement saying the CCTV cameras were not working at the time, so none of the incident was caught on tape.

But now, some decent human being in the Metropolitan Police has leaked the classified internal report on the incident and reveals a whole list of lies in the official pronouncements following the shooting:
1. Mr. De Menezez was not wearing any clothing suitable for concealing a bomb; he wasn't carrying any kind of bag either.

2. Mr. De Menezez did NOT run into the station, vault the ticket barrier or do anything else of the kind. He walked into the station, used his electronic swipe card to get through the barriers and even paused to pick up a newspaper on his way down to the track levels. At this point, he had not been approached by any police officer, despite having been trailed for miles.

3. He jogged or ran into the train but he did not trip and have to be held down by two policemen. Instead, he sat down in a seat in a train that had just arrived at Stockwell station.

4. The Rules of Engagement were as follows:
The suspect was NOT under ANY circumstances to be allowed on a train
Despite later claims to the contrary in the press, the day orders to the officers was that lethal force was only authorised if the suspect either refused to co-operate when challenged or ran away.

Despite these directives, the police claim that no one was in the position to intercept him before he got on the train, (even though they they managed to get an undercover officer on the train ahead of him). Also, he was followed into the station, but no one attempted to challenge him, despite the fact he was clearly not able to have a hidden explosive device on his person.

5. The police later claimed that the CCTV system at Stockwell Station was out of order. In fact, it was in perfect working order and filmed Mr. De Menezez as he entered the station, bought his newspaper, passed through the ticket barriers and descended to the track level.

6. Only after sitting down in the train was Mr. De Menezez approached and challenged by the armed police officers. He stood up and turned to look at them, and allegedly walked towards them (perhaps intending to co-operate with the men shouting 'Police!' at him.) Another undercover police officer, who was on the train, took the opportunity to grab him, pinning his arms, and threw him back into his seat. Then the armed officers threw the undercover officer aside (he was the one that eyewitnesses saw being pinned to the ground by two officers) and the others started pumping bullets into Mr. De Menezez's head as he sat. He probably never knew what was going on.

The real kicker is this: Mr. De Menezez had been 'positively identified' as one of the 7/21 suspects despite the fact that no one seems to have seen his face clearly. The only officer in a position to do so was watching the entrance to the apartment block. Unfortunately he was taking a piss at the time and could only confirm that a 'male' had left. Unfortunately as he was 'indisposed', he was unable to turn on the video cameras in his vehicle to actually get a picture of the man.

The whole thing just astonishes me. Even as a cynic, I didn't expect this level of callous murder from Blairs government. What really enrages me is the bald-faced lies uttered by Commissioner Ian Blair at news conferences and the way he has steadfastly defended this inexcusable mess from day one.

At 11:38 AM, Blogger Manchild said...

And this one from the Daily Telegraph, in London...

Shot Brazilian 'did not jump barrier and run'

THE Brazilian electrician shot dead by police on the London Underground last month was being physically restrained when he was killed by officers from Scotland Yard's firearms unit, according to documents leaked last night.

Jean Charles de Menezes (27) was shot seven times in the head by two plainclothes policemen who had followed him on to the train at Stockwell station in the mistaken belief that he was a potential suicide bomber.

Documents and photographs leaked to ITV News also confirmed that Mr de Menezes did not run from the police, as had been reported, had used his Tube pass to enter the station, rather than vault the barrier, and had taken a seat on the train before being grabbed by an officer.

He was wearing a light denim jacket and not as previously reported a padded coat which could have concealed explosives.

The documents, which contain witness statements made to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), also suggest that the intelligence operation may have been botched because an officer watching a flat, believed to be the hideout of one of the suspects in the abortive July 21 attack, was "relieving himself".

The latest disclosures will cast fresh light on Scotland Yard commissioner Sir Ian Blair's insistence that the death was the tragic consequence of a legitimate operation.

Sir Ian insisted lethal force was the only option available to his officers once they had satisfied themselves Mr de Menezes was a suicide bomber. Yet a few days later, West Midlands Police used a Taser stun weapon to arrest Yasin Hassan Omar, one of the July 21 suspects.

The Stockwell shooting is being investigated by the IPCC.

Among the questions being asked is why the intelligence on the occupants of the block of flats suspected of harbouring the terror suspects failed to identify Mr de Menezes as an innocent party.

It will also seek to establish why he was not stopped outside the flats and allowed to board a bus when buses had been targets in the two previous attacks. (© Daily Telegraph, London)


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