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01 August 2005

New Pretty Makeover... Same Nasty Garlicly Death-Breath

Since the RAVING success of my last three "come-backs" on my old blog.. (ha!).. I decided to start over fresh. New blog. New... um... colors... uh... new..... .... ..... yeah. Anyway, what hasn't changed much is the SPEWING FORTH of richly ranktaculous conservative and religious propoganda that I know you've all secretly been craving. So here it comes again! Gird up your loins, peasants!!! (What exactly does that mean, anyway?)

Not a whole lot has changed for me in the past few months... except that... I am no longer conservatist, christian, teacher, or a male. So I'd like to re-introduce the new sexylicious me... Ru-Kamin.

Ok, well, the male thing was not true. In fact, the only true part of that sentence is that I am no longer a teacher. Yes, I have officially resigned from teaching and THANK GOODNESS. That day couldn't have come any faster. Unfortunately, my hardcore 24/7 republican brain-wash agenda will be somewhat thwarted by this move... and I no longer can force 100 8th graders to pledge allegience to Bush and the holy people for which he stands. HA!! That's a joke, people.

Anyway, I'm now working at a pharmaceutical company... I guess that's a fairly republican move on my part... big corporate business... out-pricing senior citizens... etc... I am a Data Management Specialist... which might sound like something important... but most pee-ons call it "data entry". But heck, I'm making considerably more money than I was teaching, so DRINK YOUR DIURETICS, corporate mo-fo's and LET 'ER RIP!!! It's all about the benjamins right now. Moron that later.

Anyway, more updates will reveal themselves in future posts... because I need to go reveal myself next to that post over there. Thanks for that image... click click DELETED!!!

Well, in the words of Leeroy... "Alright chums, let's do this!"


At 9:09 AM, Blogger Stan said...

Welcome back...again. You've been missed. Let the hilarity ensue.


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