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01 August 2005

The King's New Palace

The bain of my first home has been my bathroom. Much of the house was renovated before we moved in... new kitchen, new carpet and paint throughout, etc... But the bathroom was untouched.

And it was gross. It was dirty and moldy with a nasty cracked tub and peeling disgusting linoleum. The linoleum itself was dirty and peeling around the edges with dirt and mildew creeping out from underneath. The tub and shower walls were stained and just plain gross.

If you can't tell, I was never a huge fan of my bathroom.

Well, this weekend, we decided that enough is enough and we completely gutted it.

Gone is the nasty broken tub. Gone is the awful linoleum. In fact, the sink, toilet, flooring, and some drywall is all gone too! Right now, we are mid-stage. We have ripped EVERYTHING out, rebuilt the floor, fixed some plumbing and electrical issues we had, and are putting up some new drywall and running some new electricity. Tonight, hopefully, we will get the new tub in and maybe the new toilet so we can finally... um... give each other swirlies.

The finished product will be an Italian-style tiled floor (marbly-tan colored), almond-colored walls with white trim, a pedestal or basinbowl-style sink, a new toilet and new track-lighting. It is guaranteed to be 100 times better.... hopefully it will be really nice.

I will post before and after pictures once we finish.


At 9:44 AM, Blogger Stan said...

Excellent. I know how much you guy've hated that bathroom since you moved in almost 2 years ago. Congrats. Let me know once you get it all in and nice so I can upper-deck it for you. :)

At 12:18 PM, Blogger Kate said...

I hope you took a "before" picture. It helps with the dramatic effect (or at least that's what the tv told me).

To put things in perspective... we're just happy they repaired the wall/ceiling of the shower in our new apartment from all the water damage before we moved in.

Seriously though, your new bathroom sounds great and I'm so jealous.


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