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09 August 2005

"Houston, This Is Discovery. We Have Stopped."

Wow. Just watched the live NASA TV broadcast of the Discovery's approach and landing.


The brainpower it takes to navigate a ship from space, through the atmosphere, and onto a 100-foot wide strip of pavement in the middle of the night.... while traveling at 15,000 MPH... is simply amazing. Way beyond the scope of what I can do. Those NASA people are something else.

Very cool to watch.


At 10:25 AM, Blogger Larakin said...

Man I have been watching it live since launch and I can t believe I missed the landing! that would have been sweet.

At 10:30 AM, Blogger The K Man said...

Yeah... but it was around 8:00 AM eastern time... so that's what? 6 or 5 your time? Are you mountain or pacific?

At 10:49 AM, Blogger Larakin said...

Yea Im in Mountain time so touchdown was at 6:11.. I would have been pretty grumpy if I had to get up that early!


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