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18 August 2005


In case I never mentioned it... I am a drummer... about 10 years.

When electronic drums came out years ago, I said I wouldn't want them because you lose too much of the drumming "feel" and authenticity of playing a real kit. However, things have changed (both in my situation and in the world of e-drums) and I am switching over. Crossing the fence, if you will. Playing for the other team. Switch-hitting.

Anyway, all gay references aside, I have listed my old drumset on eBay and I am saving pennies for....

THIS! (see above!!!)

This is the Yamaha DTXPRESS III Special. $1,600. And soon to be mine.

After attending an incredible worship service at a local church, I decided that I want to step up my drumming at church. I have played from time to time, but I want to make it a regular thing. My old real kit was just too loud for that. It's also very loud in my house... for my neighbors... etc. My old kit was also kinda old... and had seen better days.

So this new one...

Unlike the older e-drums, the cymbals here look and move like real cymbals. They're not solid chunks of rubber like the original e-drums. The cymbals have multiple zones in them... meaning that you get different sounds at different places (ie the bell, the top, and the side). You can also get different sounds by how hard you hit it and you can choke it (kill the sound by grabbing the cymbal). The drum pads are the same way... multiple-sounds... pressure-sensative....

Advantages of e-drums?

1. Noise control. You can wear headphones and have no noise or control the volume with a switch. This is the #1 advantage for church use.
2. 80 different pre-made drum kits... ranging from hip-hop, rock, brushes, world, techno, latin, etc etc... so every imaginable percussion option is there for you.
3. Complete tuning and saving your own custom kits. You can adjust the tune of the drums and cymbals and save them.
4. 127 built-in songs to practice with.
5. PC connections
6. NEVER out of tune.

HERE is a video showing what it can do. Check it out.

In one word... it's just AWESOME. I played it for a long time at the music store and I was sold. Now... just gotta find $1,600.... Anybody care to donate?


At 12:47 PM, Blogger Holz said...

Since you're gonna be using it for church, can't you write it off on your tax return? I don't know the tax code that well...

At 12:55 PM, Blogger The K Man said...

Ummm... I dunno either...

It will be mine at my house, but I would transport it and use it at church as well...

I don't know tax stuff well, either... does anyone here know??


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