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09 December 2005

Whoops. (silence)

Dang. Somebody is gettin' FIRED today. Trump would be PO'd!!!

Might want to double check those numbers next time, Champ!

Death Pain Murder Die Stab Stab Stab

I wonder if my mom should be concerned that her son's favorite song at the moment is called "Skull Full of Maggots" by Cannibal Corpse? Uplifting.

Here are the lyrics to brighten your day:

Lying there cold after a torturous death
Your life ended fast you took your last breath
Dead in a grave, your final place
The maggots infest your disfigured face
Pus through your veins takes the place of blood
Decay sets in, bones begin to crack
Thrown six feet down left to rot
Brains oozing black down the side of your broken neck

Skull full of maggots

They enter your tomb - maggots - beginning to feast - maggots
Crawling on you - maggots - now they eat you - maggots
Rotting maggots - maggots - infesting your corpse - maggots
Parasites of the dead - maggots - now dwell in your head

Ha ha! Awesome! Actually, when I listen to this crap, I just laugh because I find it funny. Also, you can't make out any of the words because he sounds like a big, ticked-off gorilla .

Oh, and my next favorite song is "Dance Dance" by Fall Out Boy... which is much nicer.

07 December 2005

Doctored Handwriting

Since becoming a doctor last year, my brother has now fallen prey to the dreaded "terrible handwriting disease". I don't get it. The people who, more than anyone, SHOULD have legible handwriting... don't. Todd (my bro) never had great handwriting, but now it completely sucks.

Is that a class they take? I've heard it's because of how much they have to write, but I'm not buying it. I need a better explanation.

Looking at Todd's Christmas list, I can barely make it out... if at all. I'll do my best to guess what it says there, but he might be getting "Summer's Eve" and "Scrapple" if that's what I see in the scribble.

Scribble scrapple triple traple dingleberry stew. *Randomness*

My.... TV... Got Bigger!

Yippee!!! Finally decided to get a new TV. After Stan and my other buddy Dan both got their 57" Hitachi's, I have wanted to invest in a better at-home-movie presentation... so last night, we did!!

Old and busted: Toshiba 32" CRT.

New and fresh: Sony Grand Wega 55" HD LCD


We got it at the same scratch'n'dent place that Stan got his. The best prices around. I love it and am very happy with the picture. Getting it was a disaster though...

First, my check card was getting denied (after getting the TV off the shelf and wrapping it up) even though was had plenty of money in the account. Turns out that my card has a daily limit (for security purposes) that we were exceeding. 2 calls to the bank got that resolved.

Then, the blasted TV wouldn't fit in my dang Exploder. The place is closed and waiting to go home, and we're trying to get this thing in along with the stand. We finally ram it in (tilted) and crowd the stand in. I am terrified that it's gonna fall and break the screen, so I sit in the back and hold it up.... for the entire. hour. ride. home. My arms were worthless lumps of lactic acid by the time we got home. Agonizing. But it's all worth it now.

Here's a picture:

Contest: If you can use MS Image Viewer to zoom in on the DVD on the floor and tell me what movie it is, you get mad props.

PS... my YJPeepers is so sweet!! (Rearranging candles at 2:15AM)

What's News?

Since I've been gone for a while... here's a quick update.

Me: Good... but constantly sick... had walking pnemonia but seemed to get over it... only to develop the symptoms again about a week later.

Pam: Good. Started her new job as a sales and marketing manager... sometimes feels like she's in over her head, but she'll do great and will learn a lot.

Yasmin: Learning and doing new things every day! She repeats almost anything you say to her and just learned how to hold the phone so she can hear/talk through it. I talked to her for about 10 minutes on the phone yesterday... which consists of her basically repeating the last word of my sentence. Example: "Hi Yaz... how are you doing?" "Doing." Are you having fun with Nana?" "Nana." Are you going to put on your shoes..." "Shoes." "...and your coat..." "Coat." "...and get in the car..." "Car." " come see Mama and Dada?" "MAMA! DADA!!"

NYC Trip: Tons of fun... love hangin out with S & K. Did want to go to the Pink Elephant, but Stan really wanted to do the YMCA dance with the fellas.

Christmas: Can't. Freakin. Wait. I love this time of year!

TV: Got a new one! See later post.

Work: Meh. Work's work.

Well, that's about it. A whole lotta nuttin.

Rip Van Winkle Gets Up To Tinkle

Ok... well... I only didn't blog for ONE month! That's not SOOOOOO terrible!

Honestly, the details of my work have changed so that I am eternally busy and always have something that I could/should be doing... which makes it hard for me to get to blogging... since I have severely limited my online time. But there are ways around that... such as typing up the post in Outlook as an email and then pasting it into blogger. Anyway, I could do it at home, but it's different then when everyone else is done blogging for the day.

Anyway, in short... not much has changed. Everything is cool... everything is kosher (even Stan!)... I'll try to get back into things more regularly here after my hiatus.

More to come... (hopefully sooner than next month!)

07 November 2005

Monday Leg Blogging

HERE is why leg blogging should stay within our close-knit group of friends!!

Ugh. Ewww!!

04 November 2005

Well, @#&*!!!!!

Dang it all.

This always happens. My favorite foods get discontinued.

First it was TGI Friday's nachos with the cheese and single pepper on it.

Next was TGI Friday's coconut chicken fingers.

Now this.


The Frenching French Frenching Up Frenching France

Can someone explain this French rioting crap to me? As I understand it, it all began because some kids (who were running from the police) got electrocuted when they hid in some power substation?

If that is correct, what grounds is that for rioting? Stupid kids shouldn't have broken the law. Stupid kids shouldn't have ran from the cops. Stupid kids shouldn't have hid in a frickin power station. Simply put, these are a bunch of idiot kids whose idiocracy got them killed. Again, what grounds is that for riot?

To me, it seems like a bunch of hooligans and criminals up in a nonsensical crime fervor -- burning anything they can find. They should bring in their military and enforce a curfew. Arrest anyone on the streets and shoot anyone who runs. I have no patience for this kind of bullcrap.

Of course, historically it has been the French military who has done most of the running.

01 November 2005

Friendly Fire

Ha ha. Losers.

31 October 2005

Could You?

I went to "Saw 2" this weekend. Movie was... meh... ok. Not as good as the first one.

But anyway, it began with a guy in a death mask... which was an open, spring-loaded mask that had spikes all over the inside. When triggered, it would snap shut and kill you quite cruelly.

Anyway.... the guy wakes up with this thing locked around his neck and gets his instructions for how to get free. The key to unlock the mask has been surgically inserted behind his eye... so basically, the guy has 60 seconds, a knife, and a mirror to gouge out his eye, get the key, and free himself from the mask.

I won't tell you what happened, but given those circumstances, do you think you could do that?

Apathy Rewarded.

For all those clocks which, last spring, you were too lazy to bother changing... Saturday was the day of redemption for you!!!!

I would write more on this topic, but I'm too lazy.

29 October 2005

I Always Knew...

...that Star Trek was gay.